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chicken skin with blood on it during period after really bad craps

i am on the patch on my patch free week, and my period is about a day late. i was having very bad cramps this morning and desided not to go to school. so i stayed home and watched a movie while holding a blanket to my lower admin to hopefully stop my cramps. i went to the restroom and a think chunck of skin with slight blood and red spots feel out of my vag, im 18 and have been on this birth control for 2 months, earlier this week i have been feeling very sick and have never seen this before. freaking out, is there something wrong with me?
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Any type of hormonal birth control can cause a number of side effects and if you don't feel like it is working well for you, make a doctor's appointment to switch to another form of birth control. If you are sexually active, it may have been a miscarriage that you have experienced and should see your doctor to find out if that is what happened and if all of it was expelled. Though it also may just be a side-effect of the birth control patch, which gives large does of hormones and is more likely to cause blood clots and other issues than the birth control pill or other forms of birth control. There are a lot of possible reasons for what happened, but only your doctor can tell you what exactly is going on. Hope it all goes well.
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go to the doctor!!!!!!!when did this started happeing and when did  you start useing birth controll those are the information that the doctor is gonaa ask and more..but its prob miscarrage but not sure about the skin part so check
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