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dark lips

i have a dark lips.....and it looks so ugly, i hate it so much, i've tried alot to make  this unpleasant colours to go away,yet ,it still look the same,i then  went to a pharmacy ,the person asked me to apply lipsbalm which is sunscreen protectant,so ,i do it...but til now,things is still the same,what can i do to make it go away....other than applying vaseline...
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are you caucasian or african american?  in either case all of us have certain areas of darker pigmentation..honestly other than getting a cosmetic bleaching I think you should accept your self as you are..and experiment with lip stick you can make your lips ay color you like...

I grew up with a hudge ugly birth mark on my leg in the shape of a fish very dark..it bothered me until I bacame an adult its just part of me...if others stare its their problem not mine,,,Im greatful I have tow healthy legs that work..

my point count you blessings theres hunderds of thousands of kids with hare lips tha leave rough scares if they are lucky enough to get surgery,,,

didnt mean to be harsh,,try the lipstick it will be fun to try lots of colors,,,,Cherie
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