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decrease height

I'm 19 and about 5'8-5'9. It's been killing me to get at least one inch or an inch and a half SHORTER. I know it may seem ridicule because I'm around the average height, especially for a Mexican. Please, I've gone days where I almost couldn't sleep because this has been bothering me. Is there any medical way to get an inch shorter? Or any other kind of way? Also, is there a way to STOP growing. So just in case my growing hasn't stopped. Please help, thank you!
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Why do you want to be shorter? You should not be losing sleep over the fact that you want to be shorter. You are average height and you should be proud that you are healthy and  able to grow. Be happy with who you are and embrace it.
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why would you want to be shorter espically for a male??..that is short for a man. and no there is no way to become shorter..... i think you need to go see a doctor it is NOT normal to be losing sleep over something like this......
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