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im 17 and i got on the depo shot in october of 2011 and i just got my 3rd shot today, i got the shot in my left arm and the nurse out the cotton ball and tape over it then a few hours later i took the cotton ball and tape off my arm and the cotton ball was very wet. could my depo have came out of my arm? or could it be from the rubbing alcohol she rubbed my arm with before she did the shot? im freaking out. every time i go get the shot ive had different nurses
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Yes, though not normal, it is possible that the nurse did not push in all the shot and some spilled. Depot shots are oily, so touch the cotton and see. If it has oily feel then yes, it was the shot. The other possibility is that the cotton swab was dipped in excess of spirit which did not evaporate due to tape over it. Third possibility is sweat. Take care!
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