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dry skin

Hi, i am 19 years of age and last week had my results back from the GUM clinic and i am clear, i have not had sex since my results however for the last 3 days i have had dry flakey skin all over my penis it is only on the shaft and is very itchy it feels really nice to give it a scratch but as soon as i stop it turns into a stinging sensation because i have removed some skin by scratching, please can you give me some advice on what i can do to clear it, i know it isnt an std because i am clear , i have tried putting on moisturiser but it just stings, when i was the dry skin off in the bath my penus goes red and feels sore. i can post a link to a picture to make it alot easier for you if that is allowed on here.   thanks for your time.
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you might have herpes...have your doctor keep testing you, herpes will not show up on an std test unless the test is done while you have an active out break..good luck
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