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intuniv, trileptal, celexa weight gain

Well here it is im 15 years old and i weigh around 160lbs 5'8. Right now im on intuniv and trileptal and recently came off celexa after being on it for 2 years i felt like it did not do much anymore. I have beens struggling with adhd (not realy), depression. I have switched and been on alot of medications including the first one adderall which i gained weight on. After being chubbie and coming off i became normal reasonable weight and was happy. And no all of a sudden im 160lbs. An ideal weight was 146 but it just came on. Im not sure if its weight gain from the medicine or not? So i guess the real question is are these drugs known to cause weight gain or weight loss? And if i where to come off everything will i return to my normal weight?
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I am weening myself off of celexa as we speak. I think it has given me health problems and made me gain 30lbs in a few months. if i were you, i would take yourself off of it if you and your dr feel you dont need it.
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