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i recently in the past couple of weeks,  my legs is really itchy and i dont know whats the reason, its itchy and when i looked at it appear to be like a mosquitoes bite,  it keeps appearing all oer my legs even thou i don scratch it it looks like a mosquitoes bite all over my legs,  but its not mosquitoes bite. when i put vaseline lotion all over my legs and yry not scratch it,  it dissapear but the next day ans the next day it keeps appearixng and i always have to put pn lotion to ease the itchiness.  i wonder what is this,  is it an allergy or some kind of illness? its really annoyig me bcause its keep.appearing all ove my legs.

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Diabetes, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis and malnutrition should be ruled out first. Itchy feet with tiny white blisters could be eczema, fungal infection, dermatitis, contact allergy with allergens like soap, chemicals etc.  If you itch between toes too, there are chances that it is scabies, fungal infection and sweat dermatitis. See if your feet come in contact with particular grass, shrubs, chemical etc. It can also be an infection under the skin or cellulitis. Do discuss this with a skin specialist as confirmed diagnosis is not possible on net. Take care!
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I would have your mom or someone look at it. It May be some kind of rash.
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