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small lump in armpit?

About two days ago I found two small lumps, one in each armpit. Both are very small, maybe 2mm in diameter, feels very hard, and is buried under the skin. I checked it out in the mirror, and you can't see it at all. There isn't any obvious swelling, I'm not on my period, and I'm not taking any meds. It doesn't hurt when you press it or anything, and it's actually very hard to locate, so it may have been there before and I may not have known. It couldn't be due to shaving because I don't shave every day and I found the lumps before I shaved. I doubt it's cancer, considering I'm just turning 14 in a few months and I don't have anyone in my family who had cancer (at least I don't think so). Any thoughts on what it could be? Personally I think it's too small to be an ingrown hair or some type of harmless cyst, but I have no clue what it is. Help?
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could be your lymph nodes that are swollen... could be an infection, could be a cold that you body if trying to fight off, could be cancer, OR it could be nothing..... just watch it and if nothing happens then you will be ok.... if problmes start with it them go to your doctor... have you neem to the obgyn yet?... when you go for your first pap smear they will check your breast and your armpits for lumps, a cancer screening
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