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small white bumps on corner of lip

2 days ago, I started feeling a slight burning sensation to the corner of my lip. When I originally touched it, it was just a slight bumpy feeling. The corner of my lip felt sore all day. By the end of the day, I finally checked in the mirror and I noticed these tiny white bumps by the corner of my mouth. They look like pimples but I have a feeling that they aren't. It was just strange because I was fine until I had some spicy fried rice and I'm not sure if that was the cause of it. I have had a cold sore before but that was on my upper lip it didn't look like this. and people have told me that generally cold sores come back in the same place...so I'm not sure if what I have is another cold sore or something more serious. For now, I've just been treating it as if it was a cold sore so I've been using Lysine & tea tree oil like I did with my previous sore. Right now the corner of my lip is sore and when I try to yawn or open my mouth, I can only open it so far because it slightly hurts when I do that.

I tried googling pictures to see if anyone had something like mine but I couldn't find anything. Here's a picture of what it looks like:


Please help...I have work on Saturday and I want it to get cleared up before then. Thank you.
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It might be an allergic reaction or irritation from the food you ate. I don't think it's a cold sore because they do tend to come back in the same spot. Make sure to keep the area clean by washing the area with a mild soap and just watch for any other symptoms that may develop. You can hold cold compresses to the area to help relieve discomfort and see if that helps. You can also try taking an antihistamine(allergy medication) if that might help. If it doesn't get better in a week or two, or gets worse, make a doctor's appointment to get it checked.  
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Thank you, I'll definitely keep checking on it
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No problem, hope it gets better soon.
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