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what illness is this?!

This might be a little long, sorry about it.

I've had the feeling lately that I'm just falling apart, both physically and mentally. I'm currently 17, studying in school. My grades and social life are falling badly due to my issues,which really troubles me a lot. :(

Physical issues: I have constant tremors through my body 24/7, most evident and obvious through my thumbs, trouble speaking clearly and jumbling up words, trouble focusing my eyes, and fatigue at times.

Mental issues: SEVERE brain fog...my memory is completely shot, I forget things almost immediately; can't concentrate/focus my brain (it's very loud and crowded and muddled in there), brief moments where I forget where I'm going; I lose track of conversations easily, have to have people repeat themselves, etc. I also just feel like I'm moving slower than everyone else, feeling very pathetic.

Tests done: MRI scan sometime in July 2013, clear
Complete bloodwork done in 2013, early 2014, nothing showed up.
Thyroid test clear
Sleep study done a month back-normal
Went to see an eye doctor, no issues found.

I was feeling kinda dizzy foggy headed at times and out of it since the end of 2012. At this point it was manageable and not being too detrimental to my life. However i feel uneasy about it. Went to see a GP, tested me for complete blood-work and thyroid, results came out fine. She then referred me to a psychiatrist, a neuro and an eye doctor. Psychiatrist prescribed me on Prozac for 8 months, with several increments in dose throughout the months. Did absolutely nothing to help the symptoms but zombify my feelings and make me feel sick sometimes. Neurologist appointment came, had a MRI and it came back clear, doctor diagnosed it as anxiety.

I admit i am a little stressed due to my upcoming major exam then, but nothing too huge to handle as i was coping rather well with my studies then. Symptoms worsened, tremors began, concentration was struck and i felt more dim-witted than before. Was prescribed Ritalin by psyc to help. Worked initially with nausea and insomnia as side effects, but after my exam into my new school term in 2014, it was no longer working. Was taken off the 2 meds afterwards, but symptoms of foggy head and tremors still remained.

Thought of sleep apnea as a possible cause, did sleep study. Sleep was alright. Put on Zoloft in April 2014, reduced my anxiety greatly but symptoms also remained. i honestly could not take this anymore. i often got scolded at work due to this and my grades are also affected. My parents are also not very rich and hesitant to continue letting me see anymore docs as they think its all in the mind. i managed to persuade them to let me see docs for at least another more year but i am lost at where to start. I cant get a girlfriend due to this and i feel so stupid and clumsy compared to my peers. I used to be rather bright and scored A's for high school, but now I'm failing most of my exams and cant listen in school at all. Could this be brain tumor?( Not sure how long the MRI would be valid for). What should i do? I really want my life back!! :( Any comments on this issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)

Other relevant info: I'm Male, 17, from Singapore. Have struggled with these issues since 15. My mood has been rather low these days. Currently taking zoloft for anxiety. Brain fog cause me to take an hour to complete this post.
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Depression.. schizophrenia.. Anxiety.. Or simply yur just overly tired & stressed
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