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what is wrong with me?

why do I always mess things up?, I always aim for goals that are almost impossible. I am just the wrong girl in the family, I am not a nice person. Well I thought I was a really good person but I am not. Heck, I cant even take care of myself, I wouldn't survive if there was a zombie apocalypse like the video game THE LAST OF US. I am soo talkative and gullible. I really want to study in Johannesburg next year but I don't even know if I am responsible enough to live on my own. I can barely cook. Since I am such a weirdo I  doubt I will have any friends. Recently I realised I hate my body so I eat twice a day. its actually really helping. Is it healthy?. This afternoon, I really thought of suicide, but I will go to hell. I really need help. I have never expressed my pain like this.
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Don't be so hard on yourself! It's okay. Once you go to Johannesburg and stuff, everything will flow! Making friends? I don't think you will have a problem. There will bound to be people who like you for who u r ! ESP u are talkative, and to be frank, talkative people can get lots of friends. Don't worry about being judged, you don't need one million friends, maybe even one would be fine!
And who says you're a bad person? I think you're really cool and smart. You remind me of myself, though I'm not as smart and cool as you! Since u have the tendency to do goal setting, it's actually very good ( I also make over realistic goals sometimes) but hey, only with such goals will you really get something done, do something great. Even if u only achieve part of the goal, it will still be good cuz the goal is high to start with!
Don't worry so much, give urself a break! Haha relax and live the life man!
Mae West: you only got one life, but if you do it right, once is enough! And right does not mean achieving ur goals. It means doing things that make you happy and make you like your life. Simply, live it!
And dun think about suicide okay! You only got one life!!!! And running away will not solve anything. Just take a deep breath, tell your self you can do it, give yourself a courage boost and voila you've done it! You will be amazed how unnecessary small worries are once you do it. Everything will go according to plan but if it doesn't, make it go according to plan! No one said you can't make mistakes in life!
I think you're pretty nice person! I'm Sophia from Singapore btw! Haha I wanna be your friend so if u need help, just email me at ***@****!!!!!! Alright best of luck bye! X
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HIII :-) :-) :-) Awwwwwwwwwwww :-) :-) that is sooo sweet :-) you made me feel soo much better :-) :-) you have really helped me :-) you are an amazing person who will do great in life :-) :-) i think its amazing that you are from Singapore :-) that is really awesome :-) i can tell you are a really cool, intelligent  and lovely girl with a genuine heart :-). THANK YOU soo much :-) i would love to be your friend :-) thank you soo much again :-) I am Madeleine from Nairobi Kenya :-) you have a really preety name :-). take care xxxxxoooooo.
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