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whats wrong with me?

ok i have a red bump that is kinda hard and hurts on my vagina. i took a bath because some people on here said it will go away and it still hurts and when i tried to pop it no liquid came out..like its really hard to explain what came out like this bloody thing and i tried to pull it out but it wouldnt come out and it hurt wheni pulled. what the hell is it?

oh and im 16 and a virgin so i dont think its any STDs.

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sounds like a cyst cause by a staff infection ITS NOT A STD i promise lol consult your family doctor.
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wait how did i get staff? is it treatable? ive had this bump thing before, does that mean ive had staff for awile?
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Have you recently shaved?
If so it might be a razor burn.. But if you havent go to the doctor lol.
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not really but its been there for like 5 or 6 days i dont think its a razor burn
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