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why is my knee sore, should i be worred

im 14 and two weeks ago i injured my knee. i was running around the house and jumped over a vacuum then landed on my right knee on to our carpet but our carpet is 1cm thick and has concrete under it. my knee was pain full when i moved it for two days then i had a bruse on the right of my knee cap down to the top of my calf muscle. now it doesn't hurt and i can run and function like normal intill i kneel then there is a sharp pain. my parents say that it shouldn't be anything bad but i just want to make sure that it can heal properly so if you have any suggestions on what it could be and how to let it heal correctly
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Hi, I don't think you need to worry so much because such things happen, and since you are just 14, it shouldn't matter much. But if the pain still persists, and if it gets unbearable, then may be you can pay a visit to the doc.
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