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13 and possibly bipolar?

I know that you may be thinking " Well, she's only thirteen and she's so quick to label herself!", or "Your'e too young." But I am almost certain that i'm bipolar. Here are some reasoning:

-I have constant mood swings; I am quick to yell at person or threaten them when I am severly in the depressive episode. This episode lasts about a week.
-  When i'm happy, i'm usually funny, put-together, nice, and kind.
-I always think about suicide and cutting
- It runs in my family. (And bipolar is genetic...)

And here is the other problem, I have told my mom and dad that I'm really sure I have bipolar and she is very aggressive and says, " --------- ,(I don't want to say my name...) You are not bipolar, if you were, you would be some freak show and you would be cutting yourself and......" But I kind of do, but don't want to tell her....
Yeah so... I have no idea to do now. My mom doesn't believe me, and my dad usually agrees to whatever she says so what  do I do?

Please help. Sorry, I sound like an aggressive teenager but i'm snarky right now.
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Ahhhhh I'm having similar doubts myself. Do you get headaches when you're depressed? Do you hurt yourself? Do you get over excited?
Well, I'm no doctor. I think that's what we need. A qualified person to talk to. I know it's hard and scary. It hurts. But you need to move forward! Gather up some courage and talk to a psychologist. Panicking, getting scared won't help you.
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Scratch the "nor is anyone here" as we do have some medical professionals, but they cannot diagnose without a proper clinical evaluation.
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It's sad your mother thinks of weird stereotypes when it comes to bipolar disorder, but honestly, you can mention it to a doctor when you have your next appointment and see what they think.  Ask to speak with them alone or bring it up when they send your mom out to do the whole, "are you being abused? are you sexually active?" questionnaire.

Honestly, from someone who has been diagnosed, what you're describing doesn't sound like bipolar in specific.  If anything, I can definitely detect depression.  You can have normal, happy moods when you're depressed as it's not a 24/7 every day of every month of every year thing.  

However, I'm no professional nor is anyone here.  I'd definitely recommend talking to your doctor about it.  I would mention symptoms, however, rather than blurting out, "I think I have bipolar!"  Instead, describe what you have been feeling and experiencing.  This way, you're not guiding the doctor's thoughts but allowing the doctor to objectively evaluate what you're saying for a more accurate diagnosis.

If the doctor diagnoses you with anything and wants to refer you to psychiatry or prescribe something to help, mention your mother's comments then so the doctor can be considerate when explaining why the referral or prescription is being made.

Best wishes!  Chin up.  Life can and will get better.  It's good to see you making an important first step.
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