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13 and with depression?

I am 13 and am pretty sure I am depressed. I have been feeling down for a few months now. I am always tired and never want to do my homework. I have gotten really close to hurting myself a few times now and am really scared of what I might do to myself. I cry all the time and once I broke down in the bathroom and almost threw up. I have gotten so close to cutting that I have held a knife to my skin, and I constantly put myself down. I tell myself i'm ugly and that no one will ever love me. I am made fun of by friends sometimes. They call me a loser and that I am fat even though I am only 100lb. They say they are only joking around but it really hurts. I have tried to talk to them about how I dont like when they call me names but they say they are only playing and that I am such a wimp. I dont know what to do. I can't talk to my parents about this, they think I am the "perfect child" or somthing. They would just say it's Hormones and that it's natural and just think happy thoughts. But I know it's more than that. And as you can see, my "friends" are not an option. I took an online depression test and it said that I am depressed. I am just really scared and don't know where to go. Please help me.
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your 13 and you have depression have you gone to your doctor with your mother and did your doctor told you . you have depression if so I can help you.
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Bless you this is very cruel for a girl of your age, already such a confusing time for you. Trust me your hormones will be having some effect on your moods but what you describe is not "normal".
Lots of girls are very bitchy at your age, I guess they are feeling the same about their moods and bodies and are using you to make them selves feel better, I was picked on at school for being tall and wearing glasses but now at 30 I see old school friends who were really pretty and popular that now are small, dumpy and downtrodden, nobody is perfect and they will learn that when someone finds fault with them too..
As for your parents I can relate totally, I was a high achiever and my parents expected me to be a doctor or something, they expected far too much and I never felt I could talk to them.
I would suggest talking to your Mum firstly, but I understand that you probably wouldn't do this, as maybe you think Mum wouldn't care or have the time or not believe you.
Have you got an older family member that you can talk to?
I really feel that you need to see a doctor, but this would be hard for you, although they can't tell your parents unless you want to.
I think your parents would be devestated that you are feeling this way and they don't know but I know how hard it is, you don't want to worry them, or its hard to explain.
Is there a teacher or a person at your school that you could talk to?
I am worried that you are dealing with this on your own hun, I have 2 13 yr old sons and I would be upset if they couldn't talk to me, or were cutting themselves.
Have you got an older relative that you trust who could take you to the doctors, if the doctor says you do have depression then they would be able to sit down with your parents and explain..
You can't do this on your own, adults can't cope alone with this so you certainly can't!
I know i wasnt the one who posted the question, but i have going through the same thing with slight differences. Ive been feeling this way for the past year and a half. I have indeed self harmed and its pretty frequent. But im trying to look for help but my mom would pretty much just tell me that its hormones. Hell, I HAVE tried telling her and she just brushed it off. I see a therapist but I don't know how to bring it up. But seeing your response has brought me to tears because I'm now able to guide myself a little better. I havent gotten a hug from someone in a while and even though it was not even meant for me, I feel like i got one too. So thank you. Thank you so so so much.
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annieabc1 how are you doing today let me know if you want to talk

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hey my name is anna i am 14 and am going thru the same thing you are and i have had depression ever since my mom died 5 years ago and its hard to deal with if you need to talk message me
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I am in the same place u r right now an it worse cuz my parents found out I'm
Not the perfect angle they thought I was but i cant go to them with out them telling me they going to send to an asylum and its hard when I have to cry myself to sleep but you know if you ever wana talk Im happy to try to help your or maybe we can hit through this together
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Okay first off i need to say please do not start cutting...i went down that road an trust me u do not wanna go there with the hiding the cuts and it is so hard to stop....Also if your friends keep putting you down and they say its a joke even when you tell them it hurts you...they aren't real friends if they treat you like that...and I think you really need to talk to your parents about this b4 you get worse...I wish you. The best of luck
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