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13 year old depression?

Okay so I'm 13, I was bullied in year 7 to the point where I starved myself etc etc. Throughout my life my older sister picked on me because she wanted me to feel left out so I was crying almost every day. We've made up but my younger sister (7) is horrible she scratches and hits me and gets away with it. I no longer care about anything, I cry most nights but don't have a reason why, I feel worthless,fat, I often lower my expectations about myself ie if I'm getting my tests results back I tell myself I've done awful so I feel proud when I get it back. I almost get no support from my parents.Ive never once heard I'm proud of you come from them. I literally want to turn off my feelings and humanity,I cry because I don't want to go to school. I don't know what to do, any advice to sort my life out?
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It sounds like you have a bad family, in my opinion, and the fact that they dont support you just *****. I dont think you should rely on them, because if they behave this way now, I doubt they'll be any different once you get out of school. I'm not sure how I could help in sorting your life out, but maybe you could find something that makes you happy? I really loved the Warrior Cats when I was in elementary school, and it made going to school everyday more bearable. (I drew them in class) If you have a favorite tv show, video game, anime, band or whatever, you could hold that with you for comfort maybe. Finding music that you can relate to definitely helps~
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