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19yo depressed

i am depressed
im bisexual lonely guy

i have no friends
no job
positive for an std which im curing

i feel with no hope
everyday is difficult :((
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I'm really sorry you have so much going on :(
For me, antidepressants have worked wonders on my mood, so I'd suggest seeing a doctor about it.
I know that's not exactly an easy idea to agree to, (trust me, it took me three years to actually do so, myself) but I promise it'll be worth it :)
Not to mention you can send me a message any time you want and talk about any issues you're having. And include lots of details!
Best of luck!
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hey thanks for your reply doctor gave me seroxat
but didnt take them yet

want to try without medicines to cure
i know it is difficult
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Sorry about what you have going on, if you ever want someone to talk to feel free to message me! I'm always up to talk about anything if you need a friend.

:-) Rianna
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