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Am I fine?

Ever since I could remember I would lie even though I have nothing to lie about it would just come out of ,y mouth as if I was telling the truth, I had terrible anxiety as a kid and I stole/still steal anything that's easy to take when I don't even need it. I have terrible mood swings and am angry or upset and even on the verge of crying almost all the time now a days and I guess I've also just felt like **** this who,e year and have had those thoughts of suicde and the low moods and was just wondering.... Does anyone know what's wrong with me??? Am I deprresed I feel so so confused because I have no idea what's going on in my head but I feel like I do?
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I'm in the same boat, minus the stealing. And I see you have no answers, so if and when someone replies to my situation, I'll surely get back to you.
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I'm in the same situation. I sometimes lie even if it the topic is completely unrelated to me - and I don't know why. The crying thing is also the same and I don't have a reason for it, as I expect you don't either, like you would expect someone to be upset for a while if someone had died or something. But nothing's changed. I do believe it will get better for myself and you and anyone else in the same boat, but I keep reminding myself that if things get too much, it's okay to bail, leave or just get out. It helps me to cope with day-to-day things, and if you let someone know, maybe it will help you too?
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