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Can I girl in high school like me be depressed?

Hello, I'm a fifteen year old girl and I have a great family. At school, everyone seems to like me and I am considered a genuinely nice person who always smiles and gets along with everyone. It hard though because though everyone like me, I don't have any super close friends. I feel like everyone has a best friend and I do but she goes to a different school so I often feel alone at lunch. Also, I have really good grades but it takes everything in me to earn them. I am largely involved in two sports so I get home late and usually don't fall asleep till 2:00 am because of homework. School is making me feel so stressed and hurt and I wonder if that is also a factor so my sadness. Every single night I cry and I'm crying right now just wanting to go to sleep and not have to study for two big tests tomorrow. Also, I think it's possible that I'm depressed because I feel like I'm faking my happiness a lot and when I'm with my friends and having a conversation, I feel out of it and just really alone. I have also been abnormally quiet- I'm usually really peppy. So I don't know what's going on or what I should do or of I am even depressed.
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It looks like you are depressed because you don't have close friends and somebody to spend time with. As everybody likes you and you are good at study and sports, you have great chance to make good friends. You should not be worry about that, its normal at this age.
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Thank you I think that is definitely part of it
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Wow I read this and I had to make sure that I wasn't the one who wrote this awhile ago. I am pretty much in the exact same position as you are. I am 15 years old (girl) and I'm a competitive dancer, so Im pretty much out for most of the night as well. I have a nice family and some friends but not a whole lot of close friends like you said. I get good grades and I couldn't understand why I was losing my energy (I was also very hyper usually). I was definitely stressed a lot about school and sports and I cried a lot. If you: find yourself sad for no particular reason, are more quiet than usual, not interested in your sports as much as you used to be, and just generally unhappy for more than 2 weeks it can be counted as depression. I didn't talk to anyone and eventually tried to take my own life. Don't get to that point. Talk to someone about how you are feeling now. No, this isn't just a "normal stage" that teenagers go through like James commented, but it is common. Just remember that this is one stage in your life and this isn't forever. You should be enjoying your teen years so don't let depression take that away from you by feeling "eh okay" most of the time. Talk to your doctor and who knows. A simple medication once a day or councling once a week might make you feel a lot better. But don't brush your feelings off as no big deal ok? You are important and if you aren't happy: change something.
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ill help you asap contact me asap
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