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Can i get tested for depression without my parents knowing?

I think I have depression. I've taken loads of online tests and they have all said I might have severe depression. I want to get properly tested for it but i'm too embarrassed to ask my mum to take me for an appointment because she will just tell me i'm being stupid. Is there any way i can get tested without her knowing?
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Hello.  Well, I'm not sure what you mean by tested for depression.  The way it is diagnosed is by talking to a doctor and explaining what is going on.  The symptoms you are having.  There are questionnaires but generally just to assess if your symptoms fit the criteria for a depression diagnosis.  So, what symptoms are you having?

And if you are depressed, that's a disorder or illness just like having the flu.  No more embarrassing or wrong to have than any other illness.  So, your parents should be in the loop.  They'll want to help you.  I say this as a mother myself.  Depression in teens can happen and a parent will want to address it.  Another avenue is your school counselor.  I was worried about my son and anxiety and the school counselor actually was helpful to ME in addressing it.  They sent me a lot of resources for him.  

So, let's start with your symptoms and why you feel you might be depressed.  
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