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Could I have depression?

Lately i've been feeling really down and I don't even know why! I'ts been making me really irritable around my family, to the point where I get really mad at my mum. I don't know what to do. It takes me ages to go to sleep at night, even when I'm tired, because i'm just so sad, and can't stop thinking about things and how much of an idiot I am etc. Sometimes I just feel like crying.
Could I have depresssion?
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Wow you sound exsactly like me. I'm not sure if I am deppressed or not either since I haven't seen my doctor and don't plan on it! But my youth pastor says she thinks I'm going threw a deppression after losing my brother! Has somthing dramatic happened in your life that may have gotten you feeling down or intensified you feeling down. Because I know for me I hated my self befor my brother passed last summer but since he passed it became unbarible. I started thinking about deeply about everything and hating my self for everyhing does this sound familiar???
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