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Depression and anxiety help?

I've been suffering from depression and anxiety, and i've had it for quite a while but only acted on it very recently. I see someone about once a week and it does help but i just want to be able to talk properly with someone. I cant talk to my friends because what am i meant to say? but i'm fed up of having to put on a happy face and pretend i'm ok while people are complaining about problems that don't even exist and they have no idea I have real problems, and i'm pretty sure one of my other friends do as well. I cry or want top cry at least once a day, i constantly have pent up anger, sadness or fear and feel that a lot of people hate me and i constantly have self-loathing. I'm not suicidal, but the thought of ending my life does cross my mind. And i'm stuck inside my own head, and i just want to talk to someone who is going through something similar? Because I don't want to feel this sad anymore.
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Hi there. Sorry to hear you're having a rough time! But firstly let me say well done for going to to see someone and confronting your depression and anxiety, it really will do you the world of good!

You can talk with me properly if you like, I also suffer from depression and anxiety and a whole cocktail of other things! It can feel terrible not having anyone to relate to, your friends can be sitting there moaning about how their hair isn't sitting right and inside you could be feeling like you're about five seconds away from a panic attack for no apparent reason (I don't mean you of course I'm just speaking generally)!
Pent up feelings are not good for us, and they can be partly responsible for depression sometimes. I for example am TERRIBLE at confronting people when they've upset me, I can't simply tell them 'you know what, what you did really upset me, be more considerate next time'. And so it all get's bottled up until I'm fit to burst! Try you're hardest to express yourself to others, it really is a lot more productive than holding on to little grievances for years which is what I do.

I've recently got help with my depression and anxiety recently too, I'm due to see a counsellor very soon and I'm on antidepressants which address both my mood and panic attacks. Do you happen to be on any antidepressants?
I know that being down can make something like a walk to the shops seem like the end of the world, especially when feeling self loathing or self esteem issues, but do these things a little step a time and there will be a happy ending for you I promise! It's all about getting the balance right, it may take time but it's worth it in the end.
One thing I also would advice is, get out and about! A walk in the park with a family pets or with a friend, excercise really is a natural mood booster, it enhances the chemicals in our brains which make us feel happy! And by the end of it you might even feel a sense of accomplishment for having forced yourself to do it!

Remember, little steps at a time, you'll get there!
I hope I've helped and just add me if you need someone to relate to about any worrys niggling away at you!
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Thankyou so much, you've really helped.Um..i'm not on anti-depressants but I do take this thing once a day before I go to bed called 5-HTP, which helps with sleeping and anxiety but I think it also helps with depression as well. It has helped me sleep, I havent noticed anything yet with depression but it needs a bit of time. But thanks for your help anyway!
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You're welcome it's not a problem!
That's good that you're on some kind of meds anyway, they take time to work but they really are helpful once they do start working. Sleep is really important, it can get us depressed if we're not sleeping properly, so I'm glad you're getting a good nights sleep with your meds. :)

Hope things start to work out for you soon!
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thanks and you to :)
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