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Does Zoloft work?

My doctor recommended I take Zoloft, a medication for my depression, anxiety and panic attacks because therapy, mindfulness, and other strategies weren't helping me. My mom thinks I shouldn't take it. She says that it might make things worse. I have been doing my own research but I don't really know what to do. My mom said it is my choice to make. I am starting to doubt my feelings, and if my depression is as bad as it seems. I feel like I've tried everything though, and if medication won't help me then what else will work? Basically, what I'm asking is does Zoloft really work or should I just wait for my depression to pass?
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Clinical depression doesn't simply pass.  It sounds like a doctor has taken quite a bit of time to properly diagnose you, and to attempt other therapies prior to suggesting medications.  Zoloft works for quite a few people, and if it ends up not working for you, there are other options.  When it comes to medications for treating mental health issues, there is sometimes a series of trial and error to find the right medication for you.  It is doubtful that Zoloft will make your condition worse, but thankfully, your mother is there to help watch for any undesirable side effects.
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