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Education or Work?

Hello to everyone viewing,

I would like your advice and input on what I should do. I'm 18 a Senior (12th Grade) in high school, I reside with my grandmother and sister. My family is far less than wealthy you could say, and lately we have been having finance issues, clearly noticeable as my grandmother always fusses about it. Well recently I applied for employment at Wal Mart and was hired, I was so happy I was. Until they told me my hours of work would be 4PM - 1AM. Even on weekdays. I told my grandmother this and she still insisted that I accept the job, and said 'we will see about your school work'. The thing is I personally value education over work anytime, I'm just not sure I can handle both. See my grandmother was raised in a different time, she thinks of school like it was back then, and that having a job anywhere is great to 'make a living'. Tom. I have orientation for work 8am-530pm and I'll have to miss an entire day's worth of school. After telling my grandmother that, she then pushed me to continue with the job because 'if I wont help myself and get a job, she wont'. I told her I did not feel missing any school hours would be good, she then rebutted with how I have skipped school in the past to make an excuse for it. (Note: She was under the influence of alcohol).

I just would like to hear what you all think I should say and do.  
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My opinion is, finish school, then u can work.
Education is important.
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Your senior year is so important and to miss it for work is wrong.  You need to find a job that will be part-time.  Can you talk to walmart about only working part-time until the summer??  
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