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Emotions and Cutting

Hi! I think the only way to put this is to say that I do not like talking about my emotions mostly because I do not know how to deal with them.But my sister is always trying to get me to talk about them and everytime she does I get enraged to the point where I actually want to grab her and throw her into a wall not to mention I start crying.I have never told anyone about this but last month I started cutting myself on my thigh.Most of the time when I cut it is when somebody hurts my feelings or when I get really frustrated.While it feels good when i'm doing it I feel extremely guilty when its done,but then I go back a few hours later and do it again.I want to stop but I am to scared to tell anyone about it.I know that they would be disappointed and angry.Also I would like to mention that for some odd reason I burst out in tears all the time for absolutely no reason.Why am I doing this?
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Hey there...

Is there any particular reason to why you feel down??? Bad home life, abusive parents or anything like that????

I would highly recommend you talk to someone, a therapist would be your best option.. And before you say no to the idea I can honestly say it helps a lot! Im like you, i don't speak to anyone about how I feel and eventually got the better of me.. i started counslelling and must say that talking to someone I dont know about my feelings is a big help!!! You cant keep things bottled up inside you... Eventually it all becomes to much and by then it could be too late..... Your sis is really good to notice that you need to talk, let them help you... Thats all they want to do! Like I said if you cant talk to them try a someone you dont know...
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Thanks! My sister has been helping me to find a psychiatrist covered by our insurance.I have never had a bad home life,abusive parents,or anything bad like that.Although my Dad is at times verbally abusive.I still haven't told them about the cutting,but I think I will tell a therapist about it before I tell them.
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Thats really good that you are seeking help! Im happy to hear that! There is so much out there to help you.. Yes you should at least tell the therapist! He/she will help and give you ways to coping! Might even give you ideas as to why you do it! If you need someone to talk to you can always give me a PM! I dont mind helping..

Keep well

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i just read this and i want to say this just becasue i am a former self harmer and that is what you are they might have you cumitted since your still a kid or you might be lucky and they will try to do it with just therapy i dont now what they will do with you but i can tell you getting help sooner is alot better then waiting 4 years like i did i still have bad relipsies like noting else like last night i busted my hand because i not only cut but i drink smoke and hit things with my fist to brake bones i do what i can for the pain i thrive on it or i use to get help befor its to late for you please
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Hey there, I was a cutter when I was 13-17 years old and once when I was 18 and tried to commit suicide when I was 15. The scars aren't pretty and have to live with them everyday for the rest of my life. You definately need to go to a therapist sweetie and perhaps try some CBT. If you want anymore advice then I will be here, but you need to seek help immediately and it's good that you have taken the first steps to. You may think it's difficult and not want to do it, but telling your parents will take a whole load of anxiety and stress of your chest. Telling my parents was the best thing I ever did, so they could understand how I felt and help me through the difficult times.
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I dont think you will be committed.. Not a hope in he!!... Dont worry about that!! therapy and maybe some TLC will help lol... the main thing is your looking for help! Thats the first and most important step in getting better!!! You can do it and you have a whole site of friendly and willing people here to keep you going!!!

Keep us updated on how you are doing..

Jen x
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Thanks Everybody!!!! I will definitely update soon.
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