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Has anyone ever felt this

Has anyone ever felt like they just dont care anymore. Im a 20 year old male who goes to college. I have a great job but lately I just quit caring about myself. I AM NOT SUICIDAL, but i dont care if im dead or alive. I just dont think anyone cares about me anymore. Has anyone else ever felt this? How long does this feeling last?
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i get like this sometimes, i get overwhelmed and say whatever
the tecnical term for it is "the fuuck its"
sorry for the language, but thats what its called, a lack of motivation
a need for passion,
try and figure out why you are doing this, i know when i get the F.I., i am all wrapped up in my own head and being a selfish butt-head, that called me on a "pitty potty"
so i have to pull my but of the pooper and find another person to help, call a family memeber, get outside and go for a hike,
but the most important thing i have to do when i get the F.I,, is find something to be grateful for,
a grateful person is a happy person,
and if i cannot find something to be grateful for it goes back to the poor me, sitting on my potty
sometimes this funk can last for a couple of days, but sometimes it last for a few months, it just depends on how motivated i am to change my behavior and my thinking
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I get like that sometimes. I tend to find that it's because there's not a lot left to believe in here in my life, although I'm not suicidal either. Life just doesnt have a lot of point to it sometimes.
I've felt like this for a few weeks at a time but it usually passes soon enough, if you get what I mean. It tends to return I find though.
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I'm like this all the time i kinda just dont care what happens to me anymore, like I wish my life was better so that I could care about it but its not so i could care less if I live or die.What really ***** is that Im recovering from an eating disorder and have absolutley no motivation to do so
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Sounds like you are lacking a purpose in life and a need of fulfillment.  Have you thought about donating some of your time to a soup kitchen in your area to help the hungry?  There are other charities also that could use help or your local animal shelter.  Doing for others gives a person self worth and feels good.  I think everyone feels like you do certain times in their lives.  It seems like life is a roller coaster rider.  I know I felt a lot of this before I had kids. Having kids took the focus off of myself and the focus is now on raising these kids to be good adults.  You could also be a mentor to a kid.  Think about what you can contribute and you should be feeling good again with a sense of purpose in life.  
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Thank you everyone for the advice.It has really helped
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