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How can i explain everything to someone?

I feel like nobody knows who I am. I've struggled with my emotions and memorys for a long time now. I have something called Aphantasia where i can't imagine things. I told it to my mum when I found out what was wrong with me but she was not that intrested in it than i thought. She hasn't said much about it to me and I feel like i did something wrong. Is something wrong with me just beause i have something that others don't have? Sometimes I think it's better if i just go away. I think everyone wold be more happy then or they wouldn't notice that i'm not here anymore. For the last Three years I felt like that and nobody noticed it. Do they even know me? How do I tell someone how I feel when they don't know me? I can't tell it to someone because I'm afraid they wouldn't care about me or my feelings. I feel so helpless right now, please say something to me.
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How do you know you have aphantasia?  It's not a lack of imagination, it's an inability to close your eyes and visualize.  You can still think imaginatively, but you can't picture it.  But to know you have it you'd have had to have gotten it diagnosed, and for that to happen you'd have had to see a health care professional of some kind to do that, and that person would have spoken to you about it and would still be helping you learn how to cope with it.  If you are as young as you sound your Mom would have had to have been there with you, and so would know from the medical professional you have it.  So, did you self-diagnose?  You seem able to imagine that your Mom isn't interested.  You are able to imagine that everyone would be better off if you weren't there.  You don't know these things so you are able to conceptualize theoretical posssibilities, which is an act of imagination.  So tell us if you have been professionally diagnosed or if you Googled something and this came up.  
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