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How do I pull my Self together?

I have been having trouble the past few years when I was younger I had thoughts of suicide, I don't anymore but this year I have been getting angry alot for the dumbest reasons, and a start crying in my room, while harming myself with any sharp object, how do I get myself to not harm myself and is there a way I can get my anger together, also I'm 15.
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Looking at your root causes for anger are important. I read a model for neurodivergant people. Which you are because you have adhd. But you pass through different things. A lot of things inside. You deal with it and deal with it and it's a lot of internal feeling (like thoughts of suicide) and then it starts to build to hostility, anger toward others. It's really good to find a therapist to talk to about this. Tell your parents you'd like to work on some things. Finding healthy releases is key so the pressure doesn't keep building.
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I'm thirteen. I haven't had any thoughts of suicide, but I  also get really angry for no reason and start crying randomly. I am depressed but I think its just hormones. It sounds like that's what it is for you too.
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Well, being a teenager is just hard.  It really is.  There's a lot going on in your life, plus your hormones are changing.  Self-harm is never the answer, and it is indicative that you should look into getting some counseling for yourself.  Do you have a parent you can talk to? If not, another trusted adult, like a teacher or a school counselor?
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