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I don't know if I'm depressed...

I've started noticing that recently my desire and motivation to do things had gone way down. I'm not that social - I would much prefer to read or laptop surf, but I'm talking about simple things like getting out of bed and school. I've started thinking about skipping school - I haven't done it yet - but I know I shouldn't be thinking about it. I'm a teenager and my mum has just finished a huge project. During the time she was doing it, I couldn't really talk to her about anything and this is strange for me because usually she supports me as best she can. Coincidentally, during that time, my father introduced me to his girlfriend and her daughter and my best friend and I had a fall out. My schoolwork got more demanding especially with subjects like Drama ( I have performance anxiety.) I didn't talk to anyone about it so I've just been letting it build up until I had mental breakdowns and sudden random crying fits in the middle of the night or once in a lesson. I thought it would get better after Mum's project finished but something's changed between us and I've tried to talk to her even though I now feel uncomfortable. My family is very expressive so it feels awful to keep stuff inside. Mum got a boyfriend which I'm happy for her about but now she seems constantly distracted and everytime I've tried to talk to her she says she hasn't got the headspace. I don't know if I'm just picking the wrong moments because the worry comes very suddenly. I've always had quite a lot of anxiety over seemingly insignificant stuff but not like this. I need someone to tell me if I might have depression and how to deal with it because I'm in high school and finding tiny tasks ten time harder to do.
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You are at a rough stage in life.  And parents who are distracted with new romances do not help the situation.  I think you should tell your mom exactly what is going on.  Do not worry about worrying her or disrupting her new relationship.  As a mother, I can tell you that I'd want to know what is going on with my kid and help them first over everything else.  You do sound like depression is brewing.  Whether it is outside of normal, I do not know.  Usually it has to last every day for at least 2 full weeks to be considered depression as part of the criteria.  We all get the blues and go through rough patches.  But you may benefit from some help with this.  Also remember, your school counselor is a good resource to help you!  good luck
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