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I feel empty.


It's been 3 months that I quit cutting myself. I felt good, I was proud (I still am). But now, my feelings ar worse, I never felt like this in my whole life. I don't feel anything. I'm empty from inside. I cry for no reason, I'm never hungry anymore (well, I'm not sad about it, I have at least 20kilos to lose) I don't want to see friends (even if I do), I'm getting worse in school. I'm just empty. I don't want to commit suicide, but if I did, it wouldn't change a thing. I'm just empty.

If someone else is feeling the same, please say something. I need to know that I'm ok.
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first of all well done for stopping cutting yourself! I think it is a massive step forward for you! really well done!
Ad emptiness - have you got any professional help? I don't think to feel like you are going to kill yourself is healthy. Pls if you feel you really want to do it go to A&E. Life is really precious even thought you can't see it at the moment.
We all here are fighting similar fights. We all are from time to time empty, angry, unable to communicate etc etc etc. You are not alone!
However only professional help can make you better. Please seek help ASAP. xxx
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