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I think i might be depressed?

Im 16, i been feeling sad every single nights, juhs finding things to be sad about. I hate venting to people, the only person i vent to is my boyfriend, but that doesnt usually turn out good at all. I havent been sleeping as much as i would normally be. I eat a lot less on certain days. I dnt really go out anymore, i usually juhs bottle my feelings up &stay at home. On most days, i would juhs lay there and cry. I feel like a failure and im not going to go anywhere in life because im failing in school. I know i'll improve, but nothing will make me feeling better until i go back to school and see myself improving. I dont think about killing myself, but i do cut myself and sometimes wishes i was never born so i dnt have to go thru this, I know people are going thru worst then me but i cnt help but be sad. I have no confident in myself. Sometimes, i juhs think i'll never be good enough.I wished i had someone to talk to, but i never tell those people anything. I hate people seeing the weak me. Im so weak/sad all the time, I even have a tattoo of 'remember to keep strong, everything is going to be okay' so it can remind me everyday. I look at it, and i'll juhs be like why am i so weak. Am i depressed? Or juhs emotionally unstable?
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Hello, I'm very sorry to hear that you feel that way. I'm here if you would like to talk to me, about how you feel. Please check your messages, I sent you one. I care about you even though we have never met, and I hope I can help you feel better.
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If you need someone to vent to, please message.  I'll listen and won't judge. :)  You aren't weak to have a hard time with life.  You wouldn't have been given these trials if you were incapable of beating them.  You can do this :) And I"ll do my best to help, if you'll be willing to let me :)
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