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I think my son may have a neurological disorder

My son had been struggling with depression and anxiety for 1 year. He is currently on Luvox ER. It is his third antidepressant. Recently, he has begun showing symptoms that suggest possible neurological problems: stuttering; slurred speech; laughing while he is upset; and speaking incomprehensible jibberish. He sometimes starts a sentence then stops in the middle, unable to remember what he was saying. We have an appointment with a pediatric neurologist in October -- the soonest appointment we could get. Anyone have any idea what is going on? Any advice?
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It could be a side effect of the new medication. Many of the antidepressants have EPS side effects that mimic neurological disorders. Could also be serotonin syndrome. I would talk to the prescribing physician. If it's the med, when you stop it, the symptoms should stop shortly after, however, the MD needs to be aware that this is happening.
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As the nurse above said, the symptoms could definitely be related to the medication and the prescribing MD should be notified right away. Don't wait on this one. Get it checked out.
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