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I want to get out of depression but how??

I’ve had depression since last summer and it was really bad then.I would lay on my bed for hours and stare at my ceiling doing nothing,(not even playing on my phone) and at one point it got so bad that I felt the need to let out some of this pain so I cut my hips I know self harming is bad but I couldn’t just go to my mom and tell her I was depressed for no reason.my depression continued  and when school rolled around I couldn’t even act happy around my friends I know they knew something was up but they didn’t bother to ask .I still have depression just not as bad but I would like to know how to make this go away without seeing a doctor or talking to my mom about it.i really would tell my mom but she would just tell me how ungrateful I am and I have no reason to be sad and to think about the kids in Africa that has nothing and has a reason to be depressed.SOMEKNE PLEASE HELP!!
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Depression doesn't have to happen for a reason.  It often doesn't.  Sure, for some, there are triggers and they have episodes of depression.  but that is not the case for all. This is different than the blues.  The blues is when you have days of melancholy.  Depression is diagnosed after a minimum of 2 weeks straight of symptoms (like feeling hopeless, not being interested in things you usually like, etc.).  Cutting is a high level of issue that is dangerous.  Do not cut.  What about a school counselor?  What about something like a job or busy activity to keep you occupied? And your mom would really say 'what are you depressed about, people in Africa have reason to be depressed, you don't?"??  I hope not.  But there are a lot of people that don't understand depression.  And it scares a mom and they want it to just not be the case so she may just want to snap you out of it.  You could approach it by saying "I want to be my best self and I think a therapist would help."  You can try breathing exercises, meditation, exercise (which releases our body's happy chemicals), books you can get online (they have anxiety work books and depression work books for teenagers on amazon and ebay or check your local library).  STaying connected is one of the most helpful things as feelings of isolation compounds the problem.  Anyway, let me know how you are doing!
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