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Im 12 year old guy with Anxiety/Depression...

im a 12 year old kid. With anxiety.  My parents got a divorce when i was 7. i didnt think it was a big deal then. now its just pouring out. thought it was just a weird habbit in my head. but yeah. its horrible. im crying my eyes out some days because i dont understand. ive showed my parents some articles and they say it is just like my condition. i havent had panic attacks though thank god. but i feel happy that i can talk to everyone here. i live in south africa. Im lucky to have i mom and dad that care so much.  To be honest i have thought about suicide but i am to strong to ever let my self do that. :) and i would never do that to my mom and dad. thank you so much. u dont know what it means to me that i can talk to u guys. my email is ***@**** or ask me for it if it censors it if u want to talk! thank u so much love you guys allot. ,Charl
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Anxiety is the negative effect of imagination and can occur spontaneously, and against our will. We are aroused by only two sensations, pain and pleasure. We all want to avoid pain and pursue pleasure. The emotional cycle which leads to anxiety begins in the present with our initial experience of pain or pleasure, and ends up with complex feelings which are "remembered" exclusively in the past.

"Hurt" is stored because the body retains a primitive subconscious ability to remember every incident that it experiences. If we encounter an incident which hurts us, and if we are unable to adequately understand, resolve or communicate our feelings about this incident, then it is automatically stored in the subconscious mind. If we then encounter the same or a similar incident at a later date, this "hurt" is automatically "recalled" by our subconscious mind.

Three skills must be learnt to overcome anxiety:

Firstly, a method of releasing or handling the subconscious "hurt memories" which have been stored.
Secondly, developing self-confidence to deal with the actual situation which triggers the anxiety.
Thirdly, developing new responses to express the emotions that are felt when the situation recurs.

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sorry guys. i meant to say i dont understand why i stress so much

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