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I'm so confused...

Someone please help me understand what's wrong with me! I'm trapped inside my body. My mind is fine, but my body is all wrong and I hate it. I look at other people and am so jealous of how confident they are and I always have to pretend to be this happy, secure person. I'm so fake. I have lots of friends, but only have one person who I talk to about it because she is quite depressed herself. She confides in me when she's upset and in return she's helped me through a tricky breakup. She is so amazing at giving advice, but I feel like I'm annoying her with everything I say. I'm too clingy. I adore her but I can't bring myself to telling her how I feel because I don't feel good enough for her and I know that she'll reject me. And if that happened I really would be alone. Can anyone relate? Please help me, otherwise I don't know what to do...
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Try writing a list of all your different feelings - even if it takes you 3 hours. Make an appointment with your GP and show them the list, it makes it so much easier if you cant put how youre feeling into words. Have you ever spoke to a parent about this? You're not on your own, even if you just rant and rave on here :) xx
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I haven't spoken to a parent about it because I don't know if they'll understand. They'll just do the typical parent thing and tell me it's not true. I have the feeling that I annoy people when I tell them stuff because they have their own lives to worry about without mine getting in the way. Can you relate to that? Xx
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Yes I can definitely relate to that! I think alot of it sounds like paranoia.. Your friends should never get 'fed up' of hearing about your problems, friends are there for you to talk to. Maybe you should try talking to a parent - its worth a try :) xx
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Ok, I'll give it a shot. But it's on you if it doesn't help! I'm joking! Also just getting some of it out has really helped and I'm starting to notice that im a bit happier now. Thank you so much! The world needs more people like you! :) xxx
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