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Is she sympathetic or depressed?

I have a sixteen-year-old daughter, Cameron, who's been behaving very weirdly lately.
At first, I thought it was growing pains, but recently, she's been throwing "tantrums", if you would, over mental health, and the mistreatment of those who have mental health issues.
Whenever my husband or I try to talk to her about it, she closes herself off, only saying things about how she hates the stigma, and if people took the time to understand that it's a chemical thing, not a character flaw, the world would be a much better place for these people, etc.

Cam had also been very closed off from the rest of the world, listens to her iPod like it's a religion, and spends hours and hours online doing God-Knows-What (she erases her browser history). Snowboarding used to be her passion, and everything she wanted in life, but now, she seems as though she could care less. Her grades in school are abysmal, and she doesn't seem to care at all.

The most worrying part for my husband and I though, is that she'll say things like "I'm not going to live past thirty", "Hey, pass me a Reese's" (she's deathly allergic to peanuts), or "What's the point in going to school? You go to high school to get into university to get a good job to earn tons of money and spend it on crap you don't need. It's not like you can take it with you."

She also has an (in my opinion) extremely unhealthy obsession with what happens when people dies, and enjoys playing with fire. Scratch that. Playing involves activity. Cam just lights the match, or flicks on the lighter and stares at the flame like it's God's gift to the universe. If it's a match, she lets it burn until it hits the tips of her fingers, then blows it out and laughs at the blister it leaves.

Whenever we ask her about any of this, she brushes us off, or goes along with it and makes a mockery of our concerns.

Should my husband and I truly be concerned, or are we just over-protective?
Thank you in advance for your opinions.
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I would be very concerned.
1 she openly laughs about pain.
2 she acts like she wants to die.
3 her whole attitude has changed.
4 she secludes herself.

I think (and I am no professional of any sort) you NEED to figure out what she is doing online. I suspect she has a addiction (can be slight or serious) to whatever she's doing. The fact that she hides it is a larger concern.
Teenagers often rebel, but I do not think this fits that.
If you can get her to talk, do it. Try to not let her brush things off, but show her the importance of the things she doesnt seem to care about.

Next, LOVE her more than ever. Do more small things in a day to show her you care and love and worry about her.

Ask her friend, teachers, and other adults she had been around if they know or noticed anything. I would also say use discretion if you tell them your concerns.

Lastly... please find a professional counselor or therapist that you can talk to about your concerns. When the time is rights, I do believe your daughter needs therapedic help.

Crazy as it is, I'm a year older than her. But I have been through and around depression, suicidal thoughts, Internet activity that I hid from my parents, and a few other things. If you want me to befriend her, I would be happy to. This is all I can offer, I hope my thoughts will help you. Good luck.
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Thank-you for your opinion! My husband is looking into her Internet habits, and we have meetings with several of her teachers to discuss her behaviour. Hopefully, we'll find out what's going on with her soon enough!
Thanks again,
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All teenagers go through a phase. Hormones are out of control and it can lead to some of this stuff. Perhaps you should consider getting her a counselor since she doesn't talk to you.
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I think she is in a lot of pain. But her pride is in the way of talking about it. She probably feel as though if she dies everything will be OK. You need to find the problems first before anything. I hope all is well. Pray about it real hard God will see your heart. God bless
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