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Is this depression or anxiety..?

I have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and I have ALL the symptoms, and I mean ALL
But this is my mental symptoms:
-I feel negative when I'm anxious.. I feel like anything can go wrong
-I feel like there's no help for me ... Feel hopeless..
-Hard to sleep, always worries
-Afraid that my panic attack will strike me again..my brain keeps thinking ''becareful...anytime now..''
-Emotional breakdown..feel like crying..upset..
-Afraid that if I'm happy, the worry feeling going to strike me again..
-Mood swings..
-Lose interest of doing things I enjoyed (sometimes)

But all of these go away when i take my medication (xanax)
I KNOW these are some of the symptoms of depression, HOWEVER I'm 90% sure that I'm not depressed. I have goals in my life, I have my dreams, I have hopes and faith in God.

Do u guys understand me?
Oh and the main thing:
- I always want people to be sympathetic.. I want people to understand me.. and care for me..

I just had a panic attack that's why I'm writing this.. my ''dark thoughts'' are striking me now and I'm so negative right now =(
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You remind me of My son, age 15, was also recently diagnosed with GAD.  He sees a counselor weekly and a psychiatrist who prescribed xanax (quick release) to help him deal with his CONSTANT WORRYING, NEGATIVE thoughts, obsessive compulsions, emotional meltdowns, and agitation.  He's very intelligent, loves music and playing the guitar, and is very sensitive.  So far, the medication is working but I worry about him becoming addicted to it.  He's prescribed 3 pills a day to take as needed and has been very responsible about using it.  Some days he'll only take 2 other days he takes all three.  It only lasts about an hour and a half (to help him get through temporary tough periods) and then it's gone.  I worry if this is the best medication for him.  I also wonder if he's suffering from depression too but like you, he says he "doesn't feel depressed" but when things "fall apart" he shows so many major signs of depression.  We plan to have him continue counseling bi-monthly and hopefully to check into different treatment options instead of xanax once school is out.  He makes very good grades at school and worries about doing poorly (high self-expectations, feels he's never good enought and is afraid to disappoint us I think).  

I'm curious to know at what age you were diagnosed with GAD and if you've used other medications outside of xanax?  Do you still see a counselor or psychiatrist and if so, how often?  I would certainly suggest that you talk to you counselor or psychiatrist and continue therapy if at all possible.  It has really helped my son and us too.  We've felt so helpless for so long, shed so many tears, and sleepless nights.  We love him and will do what we can to help him.

I'm so happy that you have faith in God!  I believe He can carry us through anything!  I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and wish you healing and happiness!  

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