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Loss of emotion.

I've been depressed twice in my life (I am currently sixteen) - once in 2008-2009, when I started cutting myself (I don't really know the cause of the depression), and once in 2009-2010, when I was so depressed I was completely unable to function.

Since around June 2010, I've been able to function fine, but I've had this complete lack of emotion. It's like... Micro-emotions. Everything seems less. Nothing seems to matter. The world is dull and grey, and I feel like I've stagnated, and like I'm completely removed from the world.

Is it normal, with depression (or with people who used to cut themselves, either/or) to be so emotionless for such a long period of time?
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Oh, I forgot to mention, I can't afford medication or therapy because my parents don't have health insurance, so those things aren't an option.
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Be cool , what is there ,simply in thinking u are out of this world. Tell to your self that u are talented . Eat more bananas (mood enhancers)
Consume good food, have good sleep , start doing meditation

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heya, sounds like me, you seem quite detached. you need to reconect with yourself in some way. maybe you could get a book on cbt its a type of therapy that teaches you how to reconect.
if this gets much worse please tell your parents because it can be very dangerouse, and even though they can't afford it they would prefer for you to get help than to lose you.
good luck
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Um I had this fir a week in the summer the no feeling. The only full feeling I felt was joy and being hyper when I had Alvin and the chipmiunks on lol. But that would only last like half and hour to and hour then the rest of the day I would be like down but not completly feeling it. Like when my sister said somthing to me that would usualy make me snap I was a little mad but once again couldent feel the full emotion. It got to the point were I was like ok j would rather be beating up on myself all day then this because that's what I'm usto doing. I recemend mabey listening to music that always boosts my mood or if music isn't your thing do somthing that usualy boost your mood. As for music try listening to the lyrics to they can be very helpful. The lyrics in the song Lucy by Skillet saved my life.

Also talk talk to someone I ave been talking to my youth pastor and she said with my permission she is going to look around and help me find some professional help for my problems. And please dint think no one would care if you told them I feel like that to but I still told my youth pastor because I trust her and see her as a Mom and she told me many people look up to me. I was shocked when she said that because It's my dream to be a role model and help people and I had no idea I already am. Because I hear so much from people that I'm annoying.

I may not cut but I can see why you would. Correct me if I'm wrong but j think it's somthing that distracts you from your emotional pain. Iys nice to know you can feel somthing so strong that isn't emotional pain. For me I like to watch horror films because I get so fought up in being scared I totalh forget about my emotional pain for a while.

I'm nit sure if this is similar but latly I only feel joy for not even a minute and then my self hatred and emotional pain falls over me. I hurts to not be able to be happy and to nit be able to concentrate in class because all I can concentrate on is how much I hate myself.

Anyways just trying to help you sorry if I didn't
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So happy things are rolling along now.  :)
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