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Well, I found My true love. And He screwed me over Completly. I hate it. I really Liked him. i wouldnt do anything with a guy unless i liked them... And he i was not scared with him. Now he's tellen me he doesnt want to date me. And he LEAD ME ON SOOO BAD. And im having trouble getting over him.. What should i do?
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do stuff that helps you get your mind off of him. hang with freinds. find a hobby. i know how thid feels. i thought i found my true love once and he left me someone younger and prettier then me. we stopped talking and everything. i wanted nothing to do with him. but later down the road he figured out that he had something amazing and ya we did get back together but i saw what a jerk he really was and i left him. he had to settle with someone not as good as me. you just need to find something to keep your mind off of him. when you see him around just act like you dont see him.  just ignore him. you got to let him see what your really made of. dont let him see you down. even when you are sad dont show it in front of him. hide the fact that you are hurt. trust me it works. if you let him see that you are hurt he will know your weakness and always try to use it against you. i hope i help alittle. if not atleast i tried
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i understand how you are feeling ive been there where i thought i found mr. right he was the only guy i felt right around but he wouldnt date me. he messed with my head for bout two yrs but id always keep my self off to someone else to not make me worry bout him he broke my heart the day he wrote me and said my bestfriend was lookin very sexy , it tore me apart. but after that i started dating this guy im with now and i feel inlove i know i love him cuz id do anything for this man i swear ive done so much. ive been threw alot , and now our relationship is breakin down cuz hes got a alcoholic problem and drug use.. now i sit back and wish i never got with this jerk im with but i rlly still love him.. so my advice to you is you will find someone else even if you dont think it.. cuz i know i hear it all the time ppl say it to me.. you need to just go bak to having fun hanging out dont try worrying bout men/boys i wouldnt go lookin for another one just wait til they come to you.... and make sure you really sit back and get to know them before you go doing stuff and falling inlove with them cuz you never know what youll gettin yourself into.. and if you really like this boy and hes doing that to you hes not worth it ... either he will see you with another guy and hes gonna get jealous but if he doesnt get jealous he rlly doesnt give two smacks about you, which really ***** in your case i know...
im sorry this happened i wish you the best of luck.
you will find another guy !
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the EXACT Thing you just wrote. Ive Been Threw. it does suck.. But the one i thought i loved, told Me one day that he just wanted to be friends. i TORE me Apart. And We agreed to be friends now bc i found someone i love. But he DRINKS alot, And it does drive me crazy. Like he wont do it if i beg him not to. He listens to me. Hes A GOOD guy. i just feel like if i tlk to the one i usta love, im ganna fall in love with him again. And Im scared that it WILL happen again. i just cant forget about him..
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