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Memory loss/forgetful/possibly depression?

I'm​ 15 and a highschool student. Recently family issues at home haven't been so well. I feel sluggish, tired all the time, and it seems as if my memory is all fuzzy. You could tell me one time and I'd remember, but recently- my mind isn't storing memory very well. I keep forgetting and it leads to me forgetting homework or to study. When I get to class, I get a rush of anxiety. What I'm asking is- does depression lead to forgetfulness or such things like that?
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First of all you don't know you have depression.  Suffering from a family crisis isn't depression, it's grief and anger and sorrow and frustration.  If you don't do something about it, though, it can become depression.  As for your memory, given you say you're going through a lot of emotional turmoil, you're probably distracted.  Is there a counselor you can talk to?  A therapist?  Some professional who is detached from your situation who can help you deal with the emotions you're feeling?
I don't know if I do or not, no- but from most things I've read about depression, I show signs. I haven't been diagnosed tho, but my mother, who knows exactly what it's like, says she can see signs. I don't really have anyone to talk to about it- nor do I trust my school counselor so.. idk.
You really can't diagnose yourself.  If you don't trust your school counselor, how about talking to a psychologist?
Sadly- my parents won't get me one because they don't trust or believe most of them? Idk, I've already asked.
Ask them to read the posts on this forum and then ask them again.  Now, I'm not going to disagree with your parents that much of the time therapy doesn't actually work, that is true, but what is it they have to offer?  My guess is nothing and the longer this goes on the more likely it will become your permanent way of thinking.  Ask them if that's what they want for you.  That's how my life has gone, and my parents were just like yours.  Show them this.
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Yes it can.
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