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NORMAL OR .... ?

hey. i m 16 years old. and i think that i need a little help .i m having a problem that is...... i m having no self confidence .and all the time i feel like people are staring at me , when i am in class i think that all my class mates are staring at me even if i'm not talking or doing anything . even if im only listening to my teacher and i feel unable to concentrate  .
i have friends and i sometimes think that they are just acting infront of me and behind my back they are talking about me in a bad way and they don't love me.. I REALLY NEED HELP..i just cant live my life and i m always feeling sad and depressed.BUT infront of people im always smiling and never want to show what is hurting me. i don't even know HOW can i love myself ??..i don't love myself at all and i hate everything i do. i feel that what ever i'm doing im so stupid. and i feel like am surrounded with evil people that i can never trust because people change and friends never stay the same ..
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Self confidence is an issue that many people face.  You are not alone in your fears and confusion.  First of all, I wish I weren't a stranger so this could mean something to you, but you are a special person in your own way, unique, and I'm sure there are many people who would love to be friends with you.  Sometimes we tend to focus on our bad points, thus suffocating the good things about us.  If there is something you do well, learn to focus on that, and I'll bet you'll see many opportunities to excel with whatever good points you have, and you know deep inside there are some good ones.  As you continue to work on the good, the bad will lose it's power, and you should have a new sense of self love and confidence.  Any other questions, just ask.
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OMG thank you
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Howdie there! Well, im just a ole heifer, but, ive btdt! When i was in hi school, shoot, even before that, i had the VERY same feelings! It was horrible, so i totally understand! When i stood by the street waiting for the bus to come, "I hated getting on that bus" because i felt everyones "eyes where upon me, judging me, talking about me! Being a "fake" friend to me! I always felt like it was hard to fit in! I wanted so badly to be liked! I think this is a type of social anxiety that "many" deal with! And, it is not fun! Can you talk to your parents about this? Can they possibly get you some kind of help? I dunno, just hang in there! I always say: HUMOR is the best medicine! Find something, anything, to laugh at even if it is yourself! LOL, trust this ole heifer! I had a doctor once tell me that was anxiety and people arent looking at you like you may think! Hah! Let em look, who cares! You are You, and everybody has something special and unique about them!
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Thank you :D
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