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How do i tell my parents i might have depression?
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    I don't think there is a way to really tell your parents. If you aren't sure, first you should take a look at symptoms of depression or take an online quiz. Then, you just have to go for it. If you are worried your parents might freak, show them some programs, books, meds, or scientific information about depression. Tell them it's a medical disease and with the right help and medication you can get over it. I know it's hard but just do it. It took me six years to admit I was depressed. Now, I'm on meds and in a treatment center. Life is getting better and my parents have calmed down. I hope it goes well! Love!
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I suggest that you speak with them separately if it's too difficult or too much to speak with the both at the same time. Which one of them do you confide in the most?
Start of by telling them how different you've been feeling lately, make it simple.
For me I went to my mom who i really trust in and just blatantly told the truth.
It's hard and nerve wracking to start opening yourself up, but if it's that hard right now, just try to give yourself some time.
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you should be comfortable to tell them anything..tell them you feel like your mood is changing and your not feeling as out going as you use to be..maybe they will have suggestions that can make you feel more confident to get help with them at your side..
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I feel the same way, except I'm pretty sure if i tell my parents they will think I'm seeking attention. My dad, oldest brother and one of my other brothers have depression and my oldest brother recently went to hospital for it although he's a lot better now. But I'm not sure if what I have is depression or just some stupid teenage girl thing cause I know for sure my mum will say that and just palm off whatever I say as that. And I don't know if I really want to tell them either cause what good will it do for me really? Idk.

But if you feel like your parents will actually care and try to help then you should definatly go for it. Try say doing it when your in the car? With just one of your parents though. Whichever you think will care most and be able to understand and help more? Not saying that one of them doesn't but usually one of them is more able to help and that's normall. Cause hen your in the car they have nowhere to go and nothing to change topic to, so it makes it harder for both them and for you to change topics or whatever. Just tell them that your not sure but you think you might have depression, tell them what you've been feeling, and then ask them if they think if it's depression or not, ask there opinion, but if they just brush off what your trying to say, push harder tell them you know your not just being stupid and that you are actually worried something might be wrong? Just tell them you need help and I'm sure they will. It might take them a bit to soak in what you say, and you should let them. Idk hope that helps at least a little. Best of luck xx
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