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Please someone help me :(

This is going to be a bit long just a fair warning.

At the end of 2014 my mom made a couple friends. Shed always talk about them to me and I was always very proud of her for finally having new friends because ever since my family moved states back in 2009 she hadn't left the house. She was always a stay at home mom. So in 2014 she came to me for advice about if I think it's okay for her to meet her new friends in person. ofcourse I encouraged her. Well she finally did that weekend and she told me all of these fun stories about her and her friend Stacey, michelle and this gay guy names Stan. I was happy for her and so was my dad. All through 2015 my mom would go and visit her best friends every single weekend. She even went out of state with them and told me crazy stories. No matter how crazy they sounded I believed her 100% because that's how much I trust her. My dad asked me a few times if she was cheating on him and i thought he was insane for even thinking that! Soon enough my mom told me that she found a guy that she liked and that she doesn't want to be with my dad anymore. She said that as it turns, the gay guy in her group of friends isn't gay and that he might have a little crush on her too. I was kinda shocked but I then tried to tell her that she shouldn't drag my dad along if you don't love him anymore then you should tell him. She said that I was right. This went on for another 5 months. My dad spent new years alone and I tried making him feel better by playing bingo, chess, and other board games with him. He didn't seem very happy tho. I wondered why my mom would rather spend new years with her friends and not us. She did the same on her birthday. In the 3RD week of January my mom and dad said they were getting a divorce. I tried to act surprised but I just knew it was coming. On my 18th birthday i wasnt able to spend the day with my dad because my mom wanted me to spend the day with her and her crush. This is the day i found out everything... my mom and stan were going on one year of dating and her other friends didnt exist. I was in complete shock. I believed every single irrational word that came out of her mouth about her fake friends. I felt like crying but i just couldnt. She then sent me and my sister home so she can finish her weekend with you boyfriend. I couldnt look at my dad when i got home. I just went up to my room and sat there thinking about everything. A couple months later my mom made my dad move to the state we used to live in. And Then a couple months after that she told me that her and stan are being forced to move to florida. That he got fired and he got a job offer in florida she said she doesnt want to move there but she had no choice. Plus his twin brother lived there so it worked out perfectly had my dad move to the state we used to live in she and her boyfriend moved to Florida and are living happily. It's been difficult writing this. to this day my dad doesn't know about my moms bf and im just trying to stay afloat since I'm still in college. My mom doesn't call me much anymore and I recently found out that my mom and her boyfriend were planning this out months before he even "got fired".  My mom and i are no where near as close as we used to be. She's changed a lot or maybe it's me. I often find myself looking for mother figures which sounds really weird. I dont know why I do that. For example I had this professor and she was so sweet and kind to me and I always tried to impress her or look for her approval. It's really weird. I dont know why I feel like that. I can't go to therapy I can't afford it either. Is it normal for me to feel depressed?
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