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Seeking help from suicide

I am a 16 girl who has been diagnosed with depression for three years. Because of the people I hang out with I do drugs, have sex, and drink. My parents are divorced and I've recently been kicked out of my dad's house because of my drug use and my relationship with my mom is not all that great. I just recently found out that my mom is pregnant. I'm starting my junior year and am already extremely stressed, on top of expecting a baby sibling in a few months.  The past week I have started to feel like nothing but a burden. I feel like everything I do has a negative affect on the people around me and like even my loved ones don't want me around anymore. My boyfriend of two years doesn't want me anymore and mentally I feel worse and worse everyday. Suicide has been on my mind quit a lot because of all the things in my life at the moment and I'm afraid of getting upset to the point where I go through with it. Seeking advice/uplifting words, thanks guys
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You're amazing. Always remember that. Please talk to me in private messages, I would love to hear your story.
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Hey sweetie,
I am about to turn 18 and I have been diagnosed with bi polar and depression for about 4 years now. I have tried to commit suicide many times but I can never fully go through with it because of my family and friends.. Even though you may feel that your a burden to everyone at the moment your'e not! I felt like that too at one stage. You are strong and you can stop yourself even when you dont feel you can. When you feel low just remember you are not alone and that I was in that exact same position only a few years ago. But I got the help and told myself that I was stronger than my bad thoughts and  now I am so much happier. I use to cut and choke myself and I havent done it in ages because of all the support from even randoms like me and I realised that I can prove to all those people that it is their loss not mine. Message me if you want lovely xx And remember you are strong and can do it
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