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Some monstruous problems!Math is a monster!Help me....

Hello everybody.I made a similar post related to math.Since there on medhelp are dozens of friendly users who tell true informations about diseases;sexual things etc. I'm disperate!So let's begin:I'm from Romania(a country where educational systems are oudated and full of useless informations;basically too much information for brain to retain)and i'm in a highschool.The good part is that the teachers are friendly and help me a lot at everything.I was dumb at chemistry but now since the teacher adapted to my style of learning;it worked.It will happen rarely to get bad marks at everything.But the math teacher is like a ninja.She is good with who knows math(at perfection)but with some students like me......I'm really a good person who is focused at her lessons.But i dont understand anything.He give us to many test papers!I mean alot!While at everything we have barely 4 grades.She doesn't help me and i told her.My parents won't believe that and acuse me that i'm the "culprit " in this situation.Im bad at math...really bad.She wont talk with me or say hello.Im scared of her more than i should be of lions.In our country ;if you get bad marks;you will not pass the class and you should go in autumn for an exam to pass named "corigenta".If you dont pass it;you will never pass the class.I have nightmares.I really cry a lot!How i can became again a "man"?I hope i wrote right the story because english  is not my first language.
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