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Sudden changes in my behavior; possibly stress?

Hi. I'm a 16 year old female who has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and ADD. I go to regular therapy, attend a very rigirous school, and live with a very strict family.

Recently, my family life has been kind of rough. My younger sister ignores me and is very rude, although she could just be entering that moody stage that all kids go through. However, it still makes me feel rejected. My parents keep stressing about finances, and not too long ago I was told that I would have to pay for my dental bill and classes. This amounts to $1,000 or more. I'm jobless and have never had any way to make money. I understand that I need to take responsibility, but this debt on top of stressful school finals and projects isn't helping at all. I need to find jobs, pass my driver's exam, study for finals, do homework, practice driving, attend 10 hour long school days, spend my sundays doing chores, and now find a way to make over $1,000. I cancelled my bithday plans so I wouldn't stress my parents even more, even though I'm the one who's stressed out now.

In the past couple of days, I haven't felt like eating, sleeping, or doing anything for that matter. I haven't gotten sleep in over 24 hours, and can barely even eat a granola bar. I can't focus on my work and keep thinking depressive thoughts, even when I'm taking my medication every day. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I've contemplated suicide before, but only until now have I seriously considered it as a backup plan to failing. I broke down crying in the middle of class today for the first time in my life. I don't know how to stop feeling so overwhelmed. Please help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Advice would be appreciated.
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Well hey doesn't that just sound familiar, what you really should do is take a step back and I mean a huge step and sit yourself down look at your life look at all the details and different angles and just take a breath and relax, I know easier said and all that, but it works the problems are still gonna be there that you know. but do you give yourself a breathing chance? honestly? It's time to do research and the hot topic? yourself, you heard me, people in general are amazing creations it's like they were made with the sole purpose of adapting and overcoming obstacles, wanna know what that means, look at past exploits of humans since I don't know the beginning of time? It's there it's in our DNA that's what we do and Yes it's in you you have got it and more, you have a unique piece to add to the puzzle called civilization that NO one can add BUT you. Though there is a huge problem. You don't know what makes you special in truth how many people do. Why is this important??? If you know what makes you tick, what you are good at and what secrets you have yet to discover about yourself, then how are you gonna operate at your maximum potential how are you gonna overcome and do what it takes to smash and absolutely rule your mountains in front of you. Find that out and you will never think about GIVING UP or SUICIDE or LESS about yourself, in fact if you can find yourself, you'll be unstoppable, So pause take a second reflect and make this happen, do it for YOU
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Bless your heart girl.  Take it EASY.  Communicate freely to your parents.  Cry out to them in truth and tears.
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