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Teen depression

I just wanted to ask a question, how do you know if you are depressed? I am 15 nearly 16 female and I have noticed and my friends have noticed that I don't really care about life I am failing in my lessons even the ones where I get a* s and now I am getting d,e,u! And I don't know what to do I say I will try to revise to my teachers and I never do.

I have also noticed I cry a lot but when I am on my own no one ever sees me cry I cry when my parents have gone to bed and I lay in my bed just crying my eyes out for about an hour and then i end up crying my self to sleep and I am just fed up on crying.

My uncle has depression and my mum something similar but mild. I don't know what to do there are many more thing that is happening but that's just two things. Please reply I just need help before I Speak to my parents.
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Yes,  you sound very depressed to me.  Crying yourself to sleep with no real cause is problematic.   If you could point to a specific cause for your crying it would be less concerning.

With a family history of depression,  this is probably something you should address by talking to your parents or a school counselor.

Best wishes -
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Hi thanks for your comment, I have spoke to my mum and she said I am fine.

I guess that is because i act fine round her but all that this happening I am keeping a secret. I think that is because when my nana died I kept keeping things secret. When she died it was hard for the whole family it was a terrible death and I was young but I remember every single detail about the even that happened it that week. I have never really spoke to anyone about my nana because it would just make it worst at night. I think that the main reason I cry because if something happens in the day About her I will remember at night and remember all the little things about her death and I can't bear it when people die in the family now I just remember her.
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