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There is a Fly thaat keeps following me every day how to get rid of this? :(

I have been dealing with this condition for 3 years :( I have low self steem now because of this fly I dont even know what i should do :( im scared going to school because of this fly circles around me whereever i go :( i seriously need help to get rid of this misery :(
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Hm, why do you feel there is a fly around you.  The average fly lifespan is very short as in less than a month.  So, three years of this sensation is a long time.  Have you spoken to your doctor about this?
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Why is there a fly around you, their lifespan is like 1 month. Try speaking to your family if it’s getting you depressed If that doesn’t help then contact a counsellor.
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Yes a doctor should be able to help with that. Psychiatrists are doctors who specialize in that. Nothing they haven't seen many times before.

I was similar but with the help of a good doctor we finally succeeded and now I'm fine (which is surprising).
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