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What can I do about my depression without taking pills?

I am 18 I have been depressed for over 6 years, I was Forced to see a psychiatrist at school which made me more depressed. It is affecting my sleep, which has been affecting my everyday life by making me light headed and disoriented. Is there anything i can do without seeing a doctor or taking any pills?
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both help, trust me. you just have to find a doctor that you feel confertable talking to. but other than that, get sunlight and bananas. both help your mood.
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Hi omega 3 helps your mood also making attainable plans , keeping busy but not too busy and excersize.....such as swimming , walking,and the gym. Listening to music that makes you happy and feel good. having someone you can talk to about how you are feeling can be a godsend.
hope this helps...take care
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