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What can I do with my life?

I'm fourteen and I don't go anywhere and stay in my house 24/7.
I don't have any friends because sadly all of them that I thought were my friends just aren't good people and I don't belong to any clubs, extracurricular activities, etc so I can't make any new friends.
My parents aren't rich, they're divorced and always busy so it's not like I can really go anywhere or get involved in things I would like to do since that would cost money/time, etc. Where I live there is no places to walk to, no parks close by, and there are tons of busy streets. We have a main library that I would like to go to but it's not really in good walking distance, like I said. Plus I have to maintain the house and watch my little brothers. My mom has just gotten a sitter but on the days the sitter isn't here I am needed.
I feel extremely tied down and have never been so inactive out of my entire life period. I am depressed (I've been diagnosed), I have anxiety, and my life is crap as of now. I don't see it changing any time.
What can I do?
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Well, what do you like to do? lets say if you like sports, go out in the open air and do it. What makes you depressed? Try defeat it, and you will realise the greatness that comes out of it :) stay happy and smile more. You can also save money since your so young and later go on a vacation to other country and exploring is fun!
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Try to talk over your situation with your mother or father, another related adult, school teacher, or school counselor, whoever you feel most comfortable with.  You should have some time to do some things outside your home.    
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Hello~Do you attend a church, is so, is there an opportunity to join a youth group? Do you do social media such as Facebook, I know it isn't the same as being with folks face to face, but it does help, there are so many groups there a person can join depending on what they are interested in. There is also an on-line Christian forum that has some groups for teens. It is called  Christianforums.com.
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